Customized software for all needs policy about cookies

The Italian Garante della Privacy transposed a European directive wich forces web pages administrators to show navigators a banner informing them about the cookies policy of the website they're in, and to let them go on only if they accept that policy.
If you need more informations or you have any question about this website's privacy policy please contact me to the e-mail address


What are cookies?

Cookies are text files which websites send to user's browser and that are saved on user's pc to be transmitted back on the next visit to the site.

On I use only one kind of cookie, called "session cookie", that can memorize those choises that are essential for website's navigation: in the specific case, the only datum I save is the language chosen by the user, in order to avoid him to choose it for each page he visits.

No information about yourself, about your navigation, about your simple presence on these pages is sent to anyone from me.